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Sage Wedding Pros

Hello friends, fans, collaborators!

WOW!  What tremendous feedback we have already received.  THANK YOU!

The name of the blog has been change to
Sage Wedding Pros

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May you prosper,

Michelle Loretta


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Helloooo wedding world!

I am thrilled to introduce you to The Smart Wedding Biz, a business resource focused on you and your profession!  I like to think of myself a business saavy individual and I know many of you are too.  This site will present helpful information regarding:

  • business planning: the how-to’s and know-how’s
  • forecasting, budgeting and other accounting mumbo-jumbo
  • marketing: new, creative, and inspiring tips
  • money savers and money makers
  • hiring and inspiring talented individuals
  • industry trends, trials, and tribulations
  • feel-good stories of success from fellow colleagues



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